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RallyBound’s team expands, with new hires and a NYC office

In order to better serve our hundreds of nonprofit customers, RallyBound recently added a number of new team members. We’re pleased to announce that Barry Watkins has joined us as Director of Product and that Danyelle Kohnke has joined RallyBound as Customer Success Manager, both in our Los Angeles office. Additionally, our development team – located in our new Brooklyn, NY, office – has expanded to include developers Eli Friedman, Shaya Gopin, Shmuly Lotman, Ashi Farkash and Ephraim Friedman, who are all working to improve our platform’s technology.

Barry Watkins will directing product strategy and implementation for our fundraising platform.Barry Watkins

I love designing products that inspire and delight. There is something magical about creating an experience that just flows naturally and easily. I enjoy working with groups that are passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. When I’m not working I’m spending time with family, friends and Bowie the Wonder Dog. Favorite quote: “Live with passion!”

Danyelle Williams will be working directly with our clients to ensure that they have all of the resources they need to run exceptional fundraising campaigns.

Danyelle KohnkeCustomer Success is the perfect role for me as I love to make people happy. Combined with partnering with companies that help others makes this my dream job. When not working, I love to run, go to the barre (ballet) and spend time with loved ones. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 7 and have been known to jump out of planes on more than one occasion.

This fall, RallyBound opened our second office, located in Brooklyn (see map below), headed by our CEO Shmuli Pinson. Since the office opened, five new developers – Ashi, Eli, Ephraim, Shaya and Shmuly – have joined us as interns/junior developers. We hope you are as excited as we are about this terrific expansion of our operations and team!

NYC Office